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Junior 100% carbon fiber ice hockey stick JR50 – FLEX50


Advantages of the new generation JR ice hockey sticks:

  • Ice hockey stick made of one piece of 100% 18K Carbon
  • The lightest ice hockey stick on the market
  • Special shaft width for juniors
  • Special JR shaft for young players.
  • 25% quicker shot.
  • Faster stick-handling with the puck
  • Higher shoot accuracy
  • the lightest ice hockey stick on the market weighing 305g
  • stick length 150cm

This ice hockey stick is ideal FOR PLAYERS weighing up to 55kg with height up to 164cm. Thanks to the ice hockey stick JR50 with FLEX 50, the young ice hockey players get the right habits they need. It’s also a great partner for shooting and stick-handling.


The ice hockey stick JR 50 with a junior shaft width is an ideal stick for junior players. Thanks to its flexibility with flex 50 and shaft lightness, which helps players with shooting and better stick-handling with the puck. The players in this category can enjoy the proper slap shot, flex shot, golf shot and the hockey stick will give the puck the needed speed.

The difference between the junior and JR50 INT is in the width of the shaft, where the junior shaft is identical with JR30 and 40, while INT has almost the width of the senior shaft. Both versions have flex 50.

The ice hockey stick is made of one-piece of premium 18K carbon fiber. It has a carbon blade, which combines maximum lightness and strength with the lightest 18K carbon fiber shaft and is the ideal stick for hard shots. This combination of the flexible shaft and blade bring one of the best ice hockey sticks on the market.

The The ice hockey sticks are, intentionally, with our special JR grip on the shaft, what is providing the right habits for the player’s future development of their stick-handling. Thanks to that the player is not limited and can move the lower hand along the hockey stick shaft. Thanks to our special JR grip, our ice hockey sticks have been developed to stop the ice hockey stick from its spinning in the hand.

Additional information

Weight305 g
Dimensions132 cm

Special JR grip


18K carbon fiber

Vzor zahnuti



Left Handed, Right handed

Doba doručení

Czech Republic: 2-3 working days
Slovakia: 2-5 working days
Europe: 3-6 working days
Contact us for shipping outside the European Union.

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